Pronunciation: Sy-maw

Stage 0

To manage to get one of these highly unusual and amazing precious eggs the owner would need a fully working brain to get them through the Mentalists guild's challenges. Only once they have passed the puzzles will they be considered responsible enough to handle one of these powerful purple animals.

Stage 1

Wherever this mysterious creature came from it proves to be a very loyal and understanding pet to its owners, as if it can read their mind and know when they need to calmed by a gentle purring, or amused by some clumsy antics.

Stage 2

A popular trick with these animals is their amazing talent for creating and bending light. Again science isnt sure how this is managed, but it seems to be to do with an amplification of energies magnified by the red gemstones. This isnt often used as an attack, (even though it can be effective) as the creatures are very docile and prefer to curl up on their owners lap or shoulders.

Stage 3

Their form although unassuming to the naive bystander is unlike anything in a single species we know about. They have smooth silky and short purple fur on very streamline bodies that show little sign of having a bone structure, though they obviously have some kind of structure to hold them in place. No internal examination has been done on one of these rare creatures yet so any medical information is very limited. They dont appear to get sick, and the lifeless corpse of one has never been found. However there are rumours that if someone tries to remove one of the perfectly round gemstones from its body then it will die and the gemstones will all shatter. Whether this is true or not the brightness and clarity of the gem seems to be at least linked to the creatures energy levels as it dims and dulls when it gets tired.

Stage 4

The dulling of the gemstones is rare though as they tend to live a life of luxury being treated to special plated armour created by the guild, or happily jumping around the owners home as they are built to jump like a small kangaroo instead of walking.

Stage 5

They seem to be slightly resistant to our gravity giving them a strange slowness when they fall, and allowing them to jump much higher than people expect. This also gives some thought to an another very strange rumour that they came from a very far away dimension as their origin is unknown.


Recreational Centre

Other info

Breed group:  Large rodent
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  Yes

Battling stats




Telepathy Illusions Insanity
Used to read minds, if used right this can do % damage. Illusions can be very dangerous, keep your mind inside reality at all times. This does % damage. Send your opponent literally insane! It does % damage. 

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