Pronunciation: Pie-re-o

Stage 0

A carved oddly warm stone this charm is attuned to the element of fire. It of course protects from burns, and other things around you from setting on fire, unless you want them to. Then they will flare up almost as soon as the match is lit.

Stage 1

As it is added to its true fierce fiery appearance takes form.

Stage 2

It eventually becomes a ceremonial dagger, an athame. This is useful for darker magics, particularly binding or demonic ones. It is not often used for cutting things, it is used like a wand to direct energies. However its blade is still wickedly sharp, able to draw blood at the slightest touch, so be careful when handling this one.


The Felkyo shop

Other info

Breed group:  Object (Not breedable)
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No
Spliced: Fire fyrilarch