Pronunciation: Qui-mug-ju-ki

Previous location: Driving blizzard

Hm, it seems we've appeared in a driving blizzard, its not advisable to go outside the town boundaries as it can be fairly easy to get lost. The town has however been coated in a pleasant layer of soft snow which is safe for citizens to enjoy. Please if you decide to go outside take proper precautions to make sure you can return safely, though since the visibility is only a few feet there isnt much to look at... However there have been some very odd sightings out there, again we do not advise it.   

Stage 0

At first these look like ordinary lumps in the snow, as if someone had left a snowball there and it melted a bit into the surrounding snow. However the gentle blue glow gives away the sentient life growing inside the ice crystals.

Stage 1

The little lump of snow will eventually start shifting and coming together to create a strange creature made from the elements.

Stage 2

The Qimugijuki is a strange beast made entirely from living snow and ice. Some say they were snow spirits that wanted a physical form and created it from the frozen wastelands. Their form is said to be a mix of the creatures they saw walking or flying over the pure white snows. When dormant they fall into a simple snowdrift like form and lie in wait for prey or any danger to pass by.


Current location

Other info

Breed group:  Golem
When available:  Available now in the current location.
Does it battle?  No

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