Pronunciation: Que-ren

Stage 0

The Quirins are very unusal in every way. One way is laying these shiny gold coloured eggs. Often someone who doesnt know about the creature will think its thier lucky day. Many of these eggs have attempted being sold as pure gold, until the horns break through and show its just a glittering shell.

Stage 1

The newly hatched young Quirin is always full of energy, and remarkably loud for its size. It has a wide range of noises from clicks and hisses to neighing. The dark green scales on its back will soon start to flicker with a strange fiery glow, this becomes stronger as it grows.

Stage 2

The Quirin as I said is a very unusual creature, although its body looks vaguely like a horse or a deer with a bit of goat thrown in its covered with tough thick scales that grow alongside soft golden fur. This is because the Quirin is evolved from the more primodial Qilin, or Kirin. Originally it was a large fierce beast covered in scales with a thick mane and flowing tail from East Asia. It looks a lot like a dragon, but with no wings and cloven hooves. It still had a mastery over fire though as even its descendants now show with the faint flickering flames that lick over the armoured scales. The original Qilin started becoming rare when people moved into its territory. These ancient people would hunt the fearsome monsters, while in the rural parts of thier civilisation the Qilin had started interbreeding with the domestic animals on farms or in stables. This lead to the much more domesticated creature known as the Quirin. However they are still known and sometimes admired for thier slightly unpredictable and fiery nature. Yet a few farms braved the creatures temperment keeping them as guardians or status symbols. In fact the Quirin rose as a symbol of good luck since the few farms that had them always had an abundance of crops, or livestock. The Quirin itself doesnt often show any spite or anger to its owners, unless they have done something it considers bad. It seems to be more willful than destructive and there ha not been any incidents, even with thier flames. Perhaps theres more to this strange creature than even meets the eye.


The Felkyo shop

Other info

Breed group:  Horse (Not breedable)
When available:  On Chinese new year during the year of the Horse
Does it battle?  No

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