Pronunciation: Selk-ulf

Previous location: A selkulf beach

Thanks to some luck Loreuna is now on a sunny coastal strip that seems devoid of any human life. However there is plenty of animal life all around us, such as crustaceans, seagulls, and if you're lucky a selkulf or two. You can read more about these amazing creatures below as we have come across them a couple of times before. Everyone is free to go out, enjoy the waves and maybe pick up a rare miracle. Also since there are no people about Loreuna civilians are allowed to take their unusual pets for a run on the beach, so pick a pet and go explore!

Stage 0

These unusual looking eggs tend to be underwater, the spiral frill and tendrils keeping them lodged against some rocks where they are safest, though they can also be found under ice, dense foliage, and anywhere thats safe, nearby, and damp. Its possible to see the furball like embryo inside the egg casing, quite a few have been spotted along this secluded coastline.

Stage 1

The flighty adults and nervous young are nearly impossible to catch, and quite hard to spot. They live in large colonies usually on rocky sea shores, though their amazing bodies with double layered fur (a well oiled waterproof outer coat to help it in water and a fluffy undercoat to help it keep warm) can help them survive nearly anywhere. Small families have been found as far flung as arctic waters and tropical lagoons.

Stage 2

These highly unusual and rare creatures are treasured among people that know about them and their amazing ability. About the size of a small seal they tend to be docile unless their young or lives are threatened with no way of escaping. However they excel at escaping in the wild as they can morph their legs into a tail and unfold hidden wings from their back, which creates a surprising escape to most amazed predators. With the ability to swim, fly and walk as it wishes these shapeshifting animals have been a symbol of freedom in various cultures, and they tend to make amazing loyal companions. This is if a very lucky person can find where the female has laid the odd looking egg sacs.

Stage 3

Primarily they seem to be mammals as they have been known to breed with wild canines in the past, the genes of the Selkulf always being dominant. This means they may have descended from wolves somehow, though there are conspiracies saying the Selkulf is the ancestor of both seals and canines.



Other info

Breed group:  Canine
When available:  It appeared in a previous location and is no longer available.
Does it battle?  No

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