Pronunciation: Sh-er-ree

Stage 0

Swaddled in a silky purple blanket the Sherry will hide until its ready to show itself.

Stage 1

One day with a cheeky smile and an amused mew the young cat will appear out of its blanket. Once out it will never go back under, life for it is too fun.

Stage 2

A more sophisticated breed of the tabby Fyrilarch, though it seems slightly more mischevious too. It will have its little nose in everything, and some people swear they smirk behind thier backs. They also have a little natural talent with magic, the adults tend to carry a small purple crystalline pendant with them. Who knows where these strange creatures originally came from. Though they also have an odd habit of disappearing, even out of locked rooms, as if through a portal.


The Felkyo shop

Other info

Breed group:  Domestic cat (Unbreedable)
When available:  Only if you are an admin
Does it battle?  No

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