Pronunciation: Sy-beu-na

Stage 0

The pup of the Sibuna Jackal tends to spend a lot of time sleeping. It prefers to sleep next to its favourite flower, a lotus from its home in the hot sands of the Carulien desert.

Stage 1

A awkward pup while still growing, decorations are added to its limbs in the ornate style that has been used for centuries among breeders and owners. The lotus and gold jewellery are almost religious amongst the owners, to see a naked Sibuna is considered very bad.

Stage 2

Fully grown the Sibuna is a slender and elegant canid in everything it does. Its tireless and graceful running across the sand is beautiful to watch. It looks very different to normal jackals due to the long lineage of hand breeding. The Sibuna has been perfectly bred for the desert, its short dark navy fur keeps no heat, and its large ears help get rid of any body heat. It is usually used as a hunting dog, which is vital in the burning sands. It can track down anything, though only as it gets older can it hunt rarer creatures.

Stage 3

When a Sibuna reaches the hard to reach pinnacle of its ability a gold mark appears under the eyes as a sort of symbol of its status. Only then will it be able to bring its owner one of the rare Etopi cacti.


Carulien Desert

Other info

Breed group:  Large canid
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No
End stage reward: Etopi Cacti (creature)