Stage 0

Another dangerous object to leave lying around is what is known as a 'pandorfinium' box. These sinister looking little chests are imbued with various demonic and inter-dimensional energies which makes them very volatile. No one really knows how these unfortunate miracles were created, or why, but they have been known to be valuable to collectors of unusual objects. Most owners got the boxes sealed shut to prevent the energies inside from reacting or escaping. However they were eventually deemed too dangerous to have anywhere except in special containment areas, so they were rounded up and disposed of. Only someone insane enough to go rooting around the edge of the black hole in the rubbish hole would have a remote chance of finding one intact.

Stage 1

If ever opened the box will seem to take on a life of its own, summoning various strange things from other dimensions and places on a whim. While some might see this as useful the chest always makes sure its something unpleasant that appears. Its usually best to leave these things locked, unless you are feeling particulary adventurous, or insane.


Rubbish hole

Other info

Breed group:  Golem (Not breedable)
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No

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