Pronunciation: Ve-air-ren

Stage 0

This large oval stone is much lighter than you'd expect as its actually a big seed. Maybe you should try planting it and see what happens.

Stage 1

A small wriggling plant creature seems to have grown out of it, take care of young vierens as they can be very fragile and need a rich soil to plant thier roots in. They wont leave the soil until they are a bit older and can manage to move around.

Stage 2

Reminding us of some sunny and free childhood days of summer these Vieren are made of thick leafy boughs through which dappled light flows, and strands of seaweed from the open oceans full of paddling families. The pretty pink flower stems on their shoulders and hands are related to heather, a plant that has tiny bell shaped flowers appearing in August. They give off a subtle yet earthy and flowery relaxing scent. Their ideal environment seems to be rocky costal areas as they can bathe in the warm sun on the rocks while letting their seaweed like fronds drift in the water below. Waters or forests where these have been resting will always be bursting with vividly green leaves or seaweed. They also like a lot of sun and humidity, and are popular on tropical or desert beaches as they give off an easy going and calm aura, and a little shade when the sun gets too hot.


Exploring with your creatures

Other info

Breed group:  Plant (Not breedable)
When available:  Summer
Does it battle?  No

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