Pronunciation: Ulf-rik

Stage 0

Even as a pup this stocky wolf is about the size of a normal dog. It has soft grey tawny fur and spends a lot of time sleeping and growing. The pups paws are huge, this beast will need a good supply of food to grow up strong. The pine twig is a reminder of its home, the dark forests near the mountainside.

Stage 1

Now a little larger with much more energy and confidence its hard keeping this pup still with its boundless energy. A genetic glitch may turn the dark fur white as it grows. Though these young wolves have blue eyes they turn a golden yellow when they mature. Small curved horns start to poke out from behind their soft ears.

Stage 2

Now about the size of a pygmy horse and nearly as fast this formidable beast is a gentle, loyal companion and a fierce defender of its owner. It is able to carry it's owners possessions on its back and, if its big enough, the owner as well. The grand horns on its heavy head seem to tell of its mountain goat like agility despite its sturdy body. It is able to easily climb cliffs with a cat like sense of movement. It can also run for days without stopping, to have one of these chasing you would be a nightmare.

Stage 3

This is the breeding stage, the creatures can now breed with others in thier breed group. Otherwise nothing has changed.


Deorculf Mountainside

Other info

Breed group:  Large canid
When available:  Always
Does it battle?  No