Pronunciation: Wis-key

A wonderful drink with a long history whiskey has caused much fighting and strife over its light yet strong liquid. Whisky is normal whiskey produced in Scotland, Wales, Canada, and Japan, Whiskey being used for everywhere else. The name change came about when some countries decided that they made a higher class of whiskey and wanted to change the name to show it. The original name comes from Gaelic for ‘water of life’. Various taxes and restrictions have been placed on whiskey, all were very strong fought against securing whiskeys place in the marketplace. It is produced from a a grain mash that is left to ferment in wooden caskets, mostly oak. Different grains are used in different countries resulting in slightly different flavours and textures.

Type:  Alcohol
Location: The sanctuary bar
Cost: 20 gems
Effect: Raises level by 1
Tradable: Yes
Consumable: Yes

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