The price tag of this book may seem odd since this is just a story compared to the book before it that tells people how the universe works, but it is still well justified. Not only is it one of the oldest, most well known, well written and well loved fantasy books in existence its in very limited supply. Back when its popularity was at an all time high a group of people became concerned. Rumours started flying about brain washing when people started missing days off work to read it, or acting like characters in the book. This snowballed into a frenzy, and at the height the books were gathered up, pulled out of their crying owners hands, and thrown into a giant bonfire. Since then no one has dared to publish it, so there is only five copies in existence of this book in the entire universe. Though read at your own peril of being drawn into a fantastic and complicated world...

Type:  book
Location: The library
Cost: 90 gems
Effect: Raises clicks by 45
Tradable: Yes
Consumable: Yes

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